RS200 training

Since 2020 we have been running RS200 race training at Restronguet SC for Youth and adult sailors. The RS200 double-handed boat with an asymmetric spinnaker and is the most popular adult double-hander in the UK.  Its a great boat for reasonably experienced sailors to sail and race and works well for youth or adult sailors, providing exciting racing in a range of conditions. 

We have found it is suitable for light to medium teams in the range 100 - 150 kgs and a bit lighter for good sailors (to round 90kgs). We are often asked what age can younger sailors start in a 200. We have had good sailors as young as 12 helm 200s during racing, though at that age generally with a more experienced crew. Our current youth RS200 sailors mainly graduated from our Mirror race squad and can be found racing in the Carrick Roads in winds from light to "blowing-dogs-off-chains" and taking part in events in the SW and further afield. 

We train on Friday evenings during the spring and summer and on Sunday mornings in the autumn/winter. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., a RYA Level 2 Race Coach and RS 200 sailor, for more details. We also run training with external coaches like London 2012 Paralympic Gold Medal winning Helena Lucas and RS200 legend Pete Vincent.

We chose the RS200 as a Youth boat as its a fun boat to race, suitable for lighter sailors (even in strong winds), is relatively cheap and older boats are still competitive and easy to maintain. There are also a good number of open events in the southwest for competition away from Restronguet. In 2023 the club purchased an RS200 for use by club members. Contact the club for more details. 

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