Fees for the different categories of membership plus moorings and dinghy park costs.

Joining fee


Family membership


Single membership


Student membership


Shore membership

£37 single / £74 family

Junior membership


Temporary family membership, with dinghy parking

£15 per day /£75 per week

Temporary single membership, one person with dinghy parking

£11 per day /£55 per week

Temporary family membership, no dinghy or mooring

£10 per day /£50 per week

Temporary singlw membership, one person no dinghy or mooring

£7 per day /£35 per week

Work voucher



Frostbite series for visitors

Per adult (over 18)


Per child


Dinghy Park



Moorings Fees





Lay and Lift Mooring per block



Dinghy Park

Under 1.9m wide


Over 1.9m wide


Optimist on rack


Optimist sized dinghy


Unracked tender


Racked tender


Winter parking*


Optimist on rack winter parking**


New winter parking rate that applies to all boats, removes the need for separate fuel and facility charges for winter youth training.
*Pay only if not doing Winter Training. Winter training parking and facilities £5 per day.