Instructions: R3 is a 5.3m Humber Assault with orange tubes and a 60HP Suzuki engine.

If the oil warning light on the console starts flashing, this indicates it needs a service, it does NOT mean it needs more oil. The service interval for R3 depends on how the engine is used (lots of slow running means a more frequent services, so use it hard when you can). This means we can't plan and have it serviced every 12 months etc., we have to wait until the light starts flashing and then book it in. So it is very important to include in the post-race equipment report that the oil warning light is flashing, so a service can be booked. In the meantime, it will drive fine with the light flashing.

 You can re-set it to stop the light flashing (but you should only do this after the flashing light has been reported to ensure it gets booked in for a service). To reset you turn the ignition on (but don't start the engine), pull the kill cord off the button. Then pull the button out 3 times within 10 seconds.